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Stand with Frat for a Future on Tap

2020 has been an uncertain year for us all, and we continue to work together to protect each other's health and wellbeing. One thing we have been able to rely on here in the UK is clean water.

For the people of Frat, a remote hilly region in Ethiopia, working together to protect one another is a way of life - but clean water is something that has always been out of reach. And our changing climate means the weather in Frat, like many places across Ethiopia, is increasingly unpredictable, putting people's livelihoods at risk.

Hawa (above), the local women's group leader, is one of Frat's powerhouses. She's incredibly passionate about improving her local area and is never afraid to speak her mind. She's committed to doing anything she can to get clean water for her community.

The two main water sources in Frat are either the polluted River Lah or a pond that shrinks by the day during the long dry season. Both sources are hard to get to – members of the community both young and old have suffered broken limbs collecting water - and the water's not even safe to drink.

“Everything [from the nearby town] is washed into the water. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t touch it with the tip of my finger, but I have to use it for washing, cleaning and drinking.” - Hawa

Your support matters

This winter, with your support, donations from the UK public will help families like Hawa's in Frat get the reliable water supply they need to protect their lives and livelihoods, no matter what our changing climate brings.

With funding from the UK government, we will reach even more people on the frontline of climate change with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. And until 4 February 2021, the UK government will match your donations to the Future on Tap appeal, up to £2 million, making double the impact.

Thank you for helping make a change with water. Shop all gifts.

For more information about the appeal, please visit the Future on Tap appeal page.

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